Friday, January 28, 2011

the little table that could

I am a fan of shopping at thrift stores simply because I never know what wonderful treasure I will find.  One day while on such a shopping trip, a particular table caught my eye.  It had beautiful color, nice lines and had storage!  What more could a gal want? 

Well, this little gem had a secret: 
it was a sewing table with a lid that opened to reveal a power strip!  I'm thinking it will make a stylish charging station.  It was red tag day, so the price was $24.99.  SWEET!  Or as my young daughter would say, "Cha Ching!" 

Maybe this little table will start a trend.  Stylish furniture with integrated charging station for all our modern-day electronics.  Who knew?

Looks normal enough, doesn't it?

Surprise!  The table reveals is secret.

There is even a cork board on the lid.

The drawers are great for storing extra chargers, etc.

This hard working table is the perfect solution for my family!
 What existing furniture do you have that could be used in a different way?

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