Friday, January 28, 2011

eclectic style: animal hyde rugs

I am fascinated by animal hyde rugs.  They add so much warmth, texture and personality to a space.  When I was a little girl, we had a bear rug (complete with head ) that my dad absolutely loved. Our bear rug hung on the brick wall of our den.   As a Colorado native, this was not at all unusual.

While I realize controversy exists over their use by animal rights activists, hydes can be used with good conscience.   I recently learned that a number of hydes are actually obtained humanely from animals that die of natural causes. 

So go ahead; be daring and unconventional!  Add some instant style by using an animal hyde rug in your space! 

Lew Loft modern living room

New build, Pierrefonds contemporary bedroom

Family Room contemporary family room

huntley & co. | Laid-Back Luxe contemporary home office

Houston Estate eclectic living room

Bathroom traditional bathroom
This photo pays homage to my dad's beloved bear rug.

Small tv room contemporary family room
Michel Sideboard 09014 modern dining room
modern dining room design by philadelphia showroom usona

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