Wednesday, February 2, 2011

color inspiration: pretty in pink

by Sandra Romanoff modern dining room
via Houzz
I wrote an ideabook in Houzz after Pantone announced the 2011 Color of the Year as Honeysuckle Pink. I am actually intrigued by their choice. Where will we see this brave new color? My guess is that it will probably be most used in fashion. As far as its role in interiors, I think it can be used successfully in small doses for a fun and unexpected punch of color.

Browse my ideabook for inspiration.  Are there any ways you can incorporate a little pink into your home?



  1. Carrie - I'm more familiar with yellow honeysuckle, so when I first heard this, I was like, "What?!" - and I would describe the color as Geranium Pink (weird since Geraniums come in all shades.) I used to think I didn't like pink (a resistance to the pink is for girls, blue is for boys thing, I think.) But have noticed I've been bringing pink into my life in small doses for quite some time. In fact one wall in my bedroom is pink - so I really "get" the using it as an accent thing. I wonder if I can come up with some beautiful scrapbook layouts with Honeysuckle Pink?

    Pat Zahn, Photo Solutions Superhero

  2. Pat,
    I agree with you on the thinking of honeysuckle as more yellow. Pantone actually just calls it "honeysuckle." I added the "pink" so readers would know what I was referring to. Glad to hear you have a pink wall - nice accent. I'm actually toying with the idea of tossing in a little pink in my home.

    Fuschia paired with a deep avocado green is pretty dynamic: that might be a fun choice on a scrapbook page. Give it a try! Please visit my blog again!