Saturday, February 12, 2011

color inspiration: warm neutrals from nature's palette

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I am writing this from the pediatric unit at a Colorado Springs hospital where my son is staying as a "guest" tonight. It is definitely not the Hyatt, but for a hospital room it sure feels warm and inviting. The colors and decor are well thought out and executed to a tee. Most people probably wouldn't notice the details, but then again that's why God made designers!

What I believe we are seeing here is a trend toward making environments feel safe and warm, creating a respite from the stress of our everyday lives.  In this particular case, it feels like a warm blanket wrapped around the weary shoulders of parents of sick children.  The warm colors and textures are soothing and familiar.  The walls are painted a sort of cappucino color which acts as a backdrop to the dark brown grasscloth wallpaper.  The floors are wood-look laminate with insets of animal paws in cream colored vinyl.  There are more hints of nature in the laminated bamboo writing boards on the walls.  There is also pattern and texture in the privacy curtain that reminds me of long blades of wheatgrass.  There are wildlife murals in the hallways and whimsical little jungle animals placed here and there for the children's curious eyes.  My favorite part? The elephant "paw prints" on the floors and little elephant figures carved into the ceiling tiles.  Are there certain colors and textures that make you feel safe and warm? That soothe your spirit?  That inspire you?


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